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Progress Map is a WordPress plugin for location based listings. The aim is to help users having websites like hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings & more… to list their locations on Google map and to easily navigate through the map using a carousel.

In other words, with Progress Map, your locations are going to be published on both Google map (as Markers) and on a carousel. The carousel will be connected to the map, which means that the selected item in the carousel will target its location on the map and vice versa.

To add your locations, Progress Map provides a form area in the “Add new post” page allowing you to – easily – add your location’s coordinates.

Progress Map comes with the Possibility to work with the default Post Types (Posts & Pages) as well as Custom Post Types. There’s no limit constraints on the number of Custom Post types to use. Just install the plugin, go to the plugin settings page, select the Post Type that you want to use with your map and you are ready to go.

Progress Map WordPress Plugin v2.8 Changelog

20.03.2016 – version 2.8
– New: Added new shortcode ([cs_static_marker_map]) to display the map of a location based on LatLng coordinates.
– New: Possibility to override the layout type using the shortcode attribute “layout”.
– New: Added a new map control (button) that allows the geolocalisation of the user’s position on the map.
– New: Added possibility to upload custom marker icon for specific post(s) from the Add/Edit post page.
– New: Added the automcomplete service to the address fields to provide place predictions based on a user’s text input.
– New: Possibility to add Google Maps API key from “Map settings / API Key”.
– New: Possibility to translate the plugin using .mo and .po files.
– Speed Optimization. Now, the plugin will load only necessary scripts & styles based on the options activated in the plugin settings.
– Redesigned all plugin’s elements (Carousel, Search form, Faceted search, UI controls, Infoboxes, …).
– For better user experience, carousel arrows will always be displayed.
– Deprecated the option “Troubleshooting & configs / Use the map on SSL environment”. From now on, the plugin will automatically detect the website’s environment.
– Fixed an issue where the infoboxes were not loaded when activating the option “Map settings / Geo targeting” and dragging the map.
– Fixed an issue when clicking on the button “Get Pinpoint” of the frontend form.
– Fixed an issue when the minimum zoom of the map is bigger than the maximum zoom.
– Removed the sensor parameter from the map. The sensor parameter is no longer required for the Google Maps JavaScript API.
– Changed files structure.

More versions

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